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Foreclosure Defense Attorney in Clermont

Foreclosing on a home is a hard, emotional, and confusing process. All around Florida, and in Clermont especially, foreclosure rates have risen dramatically. Hard-working people are often one step away from losing their homes. All it can take is a hospital stay or an unexpected house repair to leave you with no ability to pay your outrageous monthly mortgage payment.

Your best defense is knowing your options. If you go into the foreclosure process uninformed, you can find yourself being taken advantage of by the system. Don’t let a hard process become excruciating. Call the knowledgeable Clermont foreclosure defense attorneys at BCN Law Firm and let us fight for you.

Clermont Foreclosure Defense

We recognize that your house is not simply the four walls and a roof that keep the rain off your head. It’s your home. We want to litigate on your behalf to find the best possible outcome for your specific situation. Foreclosure is likely not your only viable option.

When you’re faced with tough times and can’t pay your mortgage, you may qualify for:

  • A short sale
  • Filing bankruptcy
  • Loan modification
  • Stopping foreclosure and convincing the bank to forgive your debt
  • Lowering payments while still keeping your house
  • Deed in lieu of foreclosure
  • Stipulated foreclosure with no deficiency

We at BCN will sit down with you one-on-one and discuss your situation. We’ll look at all the information and the available options and then we’ll decide which possibility best benefits you.

When you file for bankruptcy, the foreclosure procedure is automatically put on hold. The three most common bankruptcy choices you have are:

  • Chapter 7: Your non-exempt assets will be seized and liquidated. The money that comes from the liquidation pays your debts. Usually, any remaining balance is forgiven. This can free up your income to focus on paying your mortgage.
  • Chapter 13: This might be a better option if you are too far behind on your mortgage to catch up on your own. Your debt will be reorganized and you will make reasonable monthly payments for three to five years which should help you become current once again.
  • Mortgage Modification: In the end, most creditors don’t want you to file for bankruptcy either. Many times, they are required to work with you to try and find a solution that doesn’t involve bankruptcy.

Don’t go through this alone. The foreclosure defense attorneys at BCN want to work for your best interests. We know how the process works and we know how the creditors think. We’ll find the best solution for your needs and get you back on the path to financial freedom.

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